Our strength is our lean, tight, professional team. With deep experience in engineering and creative design,
 we’re able to tackle any project, including themed attractions, theatrical sets and props, special FX for films, 
corporate venues, museums, comic conventions, and festivals. For large scale projects, 
we have an extensive network of industrial professionals eager to work on our next big thing!

 Eric Goodchild                                                                                                          Technical Director

Eric is an award-winning Electrical Engineer, specializing in high-voltage design and fabrication. He has consulted for Fortune 500 companies such as Orbital Sciences and B/E Aerospace as well as ATC Aerospce and TD Systems. He currently consults for Taser International. His passion for Tesla coils extends to the coils he builds for numerous museums and his active membership in the Tesla coil community. His insatiable curiosity for high voltage projects, design, and building has lead him to create everything from Jacob’s ladders and laser harps to musical Tesla coils. He was awarded the Guinness World Record for the World’s Most Powerful Bi-Polar Tesla Coil.


 George Goodchild                                                                                                    Design Supervisor 

An extraordinary designer and producer, George is well known for his 30 years of work at Nickelodeon Studios, Warner Brothers, and Sony Pictures as creative supervisor of the overall design process. His design expertise includes interior and exterior backgrounds/sets, architectural details, character and prop designs and color palettes. Experienced in live action and animation, he also designs, constructs and supervises themed attractions such as the annual Nickelodeon Haunted House, a full-scale western town and a private western museum.


 Hunter Carlson                                                                                                      Mechatronics Engineer  

Hunter is a Mechatronics Engineer with expertise in robotics and software development. He’s been building Tesla coils for many years and designs cutting-edge mentalism illusions built with micro electronics. He specializes in embedded software algorithms and systems development for our sophisticated control schemes and user interfaces.   

 Ellen Lichtwardt Goodchild                                                                  Supervising Producer  

With over 25 years experience in the entertainment industry, Ellen is an award-winning and diverse leader having worked in theme parks, live action, special FX, and animation. As a Producer for Walt Disney Imagineering, she supervised projects for simulator rides, pre-shows, videos, and special effects installed at Disneyland, EPCOT, EuroDisneyland, Disney/MGM Studios and Tokyo Disneyland.

Working for George Lucas at ILM, Ellen was Director of the Animation Department and worked on feature films such as Indiana Jones, Return of the Jedi, Back to the Future and the Star Trek series. She’s a script consultant for independent writers from Nickelodeon, Universal, and Paramount Studios and received an Emmy for Outstanding Special Visual Effects.

 Christopher Hooper                                                                                                Senior Systems Engineer 

Also known as Dr. Spark in the Tesla coil community, Christopher was a Senior Product Development Engineer at Intel. With over 30 years of experience, he has worked at numerous electronics companies, helped build and install telecommunications equipment for Grand Prix racing teams, and designed test programs and hardware for the Military Division of Intel.

Christopher was awarded, along with Eric Goodchild, the Guinness World Record for the World’s Most Powerful Bi-Polar Tesla Coil.