Themed Attractions and Museums  

We custom build attractions and museum exhibits including automation and elements of audience interaction. We work with your team before, during, and after installation of your project. 

  • Concept development 
  • Show writing
  • Automated show control systems
  • Custom user interfaces
  • Musical “singing” Tesla coils
  • Jacob’s ladders
  • Video production
  • Plasma globes
  • In-show video production
  • Concept design
  • Graphic and technical design
  • Animatronics
  • Precision CAD design and solid modeling
  • Set and scenic design
  • Audio and lighting design
  • Planning
  • Project management
  • Construction and installation
  • Delivery, service, and maintenance
  • Consulting 

Practical Film Effects, Custom Hardware, and Rentals

We do non-union and union productions

  • Musical “singing” Tesla coils
  • Musical Tesla coil MIDI controllers
  • Exotic solid state plasma generators
  • Stingray wireless/fiber-optic control system
  • Custom user interfaces
  • Special effects lighting
  • Special effects audio
  • Jacob’s ladders
  • Plasma globes
  • Robotics
  • Animatronics
  • Precision CAD design and solid modeling
  • Power electronics
  • Embedded hardware
  • Software design
  • Fabrication and installation
  • Consulting
  • Delivery, service, maintenance and/or operation

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Plasma Phonic is our “rock band” of musical Tesla coils and robotic instruments. After polishing our techno-entertainment chops, we rose out of the Sonoran desert and burst onto the live performance scene with our 2013 debut at the Playboy Mansion Halloween Party. We mix a unique blend of cover music ranging from retro to contemporary.

  • Corporate venues
  • Private parties
  • Comic conventions
  • Music festivals
  • Museums
  • Theatrical productions/stage plays
  • Educational facilities